My story...

I want to tell you a little bit about why I started.....

I was blessed as a child to be raised on a farm and have both sets of grandparents live nearby. I have so many fond memories of spending nights and weekends with them and helping to care for and play with their animals- horses, mules, pigs, chickens, milk cows, and beef cattle (including exotic Highlander cows).

Now, many years later, as a grandfather myself with 4 adorable grandkids that live in the city, my ultimate goal is to provide for them a get-a-way place to come and enjoy. A place to experience God's great beautiful creation and animals He created. A place they will remember for the rest of their lives and tell their stories about this place to their children and their grandchildren...Papa's farm.

I have lived on this farm all my life which at first consisted of dairy cows, then beef cattle while I worked off the farm as well. After retiring from the off the farm job, I added a pony for the grandkids. Then came the sheep. Then came the donkeys and alpacas as guard animals for the sheep. This is where the business adventure of Papa's Alpacas began.

 After purchasing the alpacas in early spring, by late spring it was obvious it was time for a haircut. They looked like big fluffy hairballs walking around. After finding a professional shearer come to shear my alpacas, I found myself left with 2 big bags of extremely soft alpaca fiber. Now what? Upon researching what to do with my raw alpaca fiber, the combination of my father's love of the farm and animals, and my mother's tenacious go-for-it entrepreneur spirit sparked the start of Papa's Alpacas. I enjoy working with the animals, I love the extremely soft warm fiber, and I am impressed with the fine quality of the finished products made from alpaca fiber.

So, let the adventure begin and the legacy live on!

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.

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